Summit Speakers

Michelle Ward

CEO and Founder
Cyber Safe Workforce LLC

Prior to starting Cyber Safe Workforce, Michelle was a software developer with over 10 years of experience in support of cyber defense programs.  For a large part of that time, she was embedded with an operations and maintenance group in a secure environment where she also provided support for web applications authored by her. 

Michelle graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.  She holds the CISSP and CSSLP (ISC)2 certifications and has been trained in web application hacking. 

These days she is an entrepreneur--developing and adapting security awareness and training for workplaces that don’t have the time or expertise to do it in-house.  In her spare time she volunteers for local cyber education efforts such as AFCEA's Summer Cyber Camp and Cyberthon.  Michelle is also a member of Innovation Coast’s Women in Technology group as well as IT Gulf Coast. 

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Securing Your Users

1:00 pm 10/13/2016

Ask any IT administrator what their biggest security problems are and they’re likely to mention their users. This isn’t the user’s fault. If you’re not making employees aware of how everyday actions like checking e-mail or visiting websites can be risky and then training them on security policies and procedures, you’re missing an opportunity to reduce risk to your data, systems, and reputation. Learn how to do security awareness in-house on a budget.
•View security awareness and training as a lifecycle activity.
•Identify and articulate desired goals.
•Create a curriculum based on best practices, internal policies, and recurring supportissues.
•Create a plan to deliver awareness and training.
•Measure awareness and training outcomes.
•Use feedback to update program materials.

Women in Tech Panel Discussion

9:00 AM 10/14/2016

The mission of Innovation Coast is to grow, sustain and showcase the successful, vibrant community of technology companies and professionals in Pensacola, Florida, and along the Northern Gulf Coast. Innovation Coast is a business community serving entrepreneurial garage start-ups, established leaders, and everyone in between. 

The Women in Technology Committee’s mission is to develop an alliance to advance, advocate and support women in technology.  The committee focuses on providing women across the Panhandle with resources and tools that will enable them to succeed in their technology-related career field. As women are an important part of the growing demand of workforce in technology industries, this committee strives to establish a forum that promotes networking opportunities and career exploration. This vision also aligns with Innovation Coast’s mission to grow and showcase the region’s vibrant ecosystem of technology companies, professionals, and investment opportunities.

Innovation Coast and the Women in Technology Committee is pleased to participate in the ITEN Wired Summit.  We will conduct a panel discussion with women who have successful careers in the field of Cyber Security.  The discussion will focus on the experiences, challenges, and opportunities associated with the field of Information Technology and Cyber Security.

Ignite ITEN

10:15 AM 10/14/2016