Summit Speakers

Lloyd Reshard

Cognitive Big Data Systems Inc.

Lloyd Reshard serves as CEO for Cognitive Big Data Systems Inc. a local award winning technology startup that graduated from the City of Fort Walton Beach’s Venture Hive accelerator program.  He’s also the President of Pivotal Data Technologies, a company provides computing technology consulting and develops mobile and web applications for networking purposes.  He has served on the College of Engineering Advisory Board at Virginia Tech, the Board of Trustees Community Maritime Park Associates Inc. and as a part-time Senior Research Scientist at George Washington University.  He currently serves on the Mechanical Engineering Advisory Committee at FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  He is a national award-winning engineer, his recognitions include Black Engineer of the Year Award for Career Achievement Government, the DoD Civilian Meritorious Service Award for the Global War On Terrorism, the General Lester L. Lyles Award for employee mentoring, the National Science Foundation’s Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing Vision Award and the Air Force Material Command NAACP Award for promoting diversity in the workplace.

In April of 2012, Mr. Reshard retired after 26 years with the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he spent his last six years as the Chief of the Munitions Aerodynamics Sciences Branch. There, Mr. Reshard managed one of the largest branches with 34 employees, and executed $250M in programs in six years, averaging over $40M annually.  Mr. Reshard’s extensive and diverse technology development portfolio ranged from micro air weapons and robots to massive 15-ton penetrator concepts.  His passion in research was computing, so he initiated and collaborated in over $10M in research to investigate alternative ways to process data and found that AI was the number one way, followed by reconfigurable computing. His drive lead to the founding of one of NSF most successful centers, the Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  He began his engineering career at Bendix Corporation as a process and product engineer.  Mr. Reshard is married to Robin, an independent television producer and host and motivational speaker, and together they have three children: Lloyd, Jr., Nathalie, and Theron.



Creating Value for Your Company or Startup with AI

Over a billion dollars monthly is being spent on AI based solutions.  Why are companies shifting from a mobile first to an AI first strategy?  Learn why AI is the go to tool for establishing a competitive edge for your company. It is time to learn what AI is and how to you use it to create value for your company or startup.