Summit Speakers

Jeremy Wyatt

CTO & VP of Development

Jeremy is the Chief Technology Officer and Sr. Vice President of Product Development at ActiGraph, a global provider of physical activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical and academic industries. After graduating with his electrical engineering degree from the University of Florida, Jeremy spent six years as an embedded systems developer, redesigning hardware systems for military aircraft. He joined the ActiGraph team as a founding member in 2004 and worked with the team to develop one of the world's first FDA class II cleared activity and sleep monitors. Before taking his role as an executive, Jeremy earned his MBA from the University of West Florida in 2010.

Today, Jeremy and the team continue to serve the global academic and pharmaceutical clinical trial market with a presence in 85 countries. Their flagship software platform, CentrePoint, provides clinical trial teams with a secure, centralized platform for deploying and capturing actigraphy data from thousands of patients across multiple countries by leveraging cloud infrastructure and cellular technology. 

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