Summit Speakers

Janet Woolman

Innovation Strategies LLC

Leading innovation, building cybersecurity efforts, and promoting economic growth

Janet Woolman is the founder of Innovation Strategies LLC, a consulting firm that partners with communities, companies, and corporations to conduct strategic planning, improve efficiencies, reduce risk (30-80%), and increase competitiveness. Her education and background in information science have contributed to her work in cybersecurity strategic planning and innovation education. Woolman knows what drives success- and it’s not business as usual. Bringing people together, facilitating relationships, and leading innovation is key to driving wins for all.

Woolman holds an M.L.I.S. degree from Louisiana State University and has spent over a decade working in higher education. She
co-founded the first innovation lab in Louisiana to pioneer invention and coach creation of meaningfully unique ideas. She also partnered with the community of Southwest Louisiana to establish a $13 million dollar one-stop-shop facility for economic development.

Woolman holds certifications in Big Data Modeling and Management Systems, Innovation Engineering, and business incubation (International Business Innovation Association). She has authored multiple publications and delivered over 90 local, national, and international presentations. Woolman has received many awards for her work, including the 2015 Louisiana State University SLIS Alumni of the Year, 2015 Pinnacle Entertainment Excellence Award, 2014 McNeese President’s Award for Innovation, and 2014 Thrive magazine SWLA Leader of the year.

As the Principal Investigator for over $9 million in federal, state, and private funding, Woolman understands how to create a vision, implement initiatives, and successfully fund and execute partnerships. Woolman resides in Pensacola, Florida with her spouse, a retired Marine Lt. Col., and can be reached at [email protected]


Building a Sustainable Tech Community in the Panhandle

How do we keep young talent local (in North FL).  What strategies work in building a sustainable pipeline to bring a community solution for startups, established businesses and government?  What efforts work in community building and partnerships?  You cannot do it alone and the process requires looking at all approaches (and inviting all interested parties) to broadening their impact by creating partnerships between with businesses, workforce organizations, educational institutions, nonprofit groups, students (k-16) and community leaders.  The talk will explore our efforts over the last 5 years in building a university partnership to keep talent local, to showcase and support local tech businesses, and to create a community that attract young people.