Summit Speakers

Ebe Randeree

Associate Dean
Florida State University College of Communication & Information

Ebe Randeree's background spans the fields of technology, healthcare, leadership and higher education. His specific interests are in outreach and creating pipelines between higher education to industry. He is the Associate Dean of Finance & Administration at the College of Communication & Information at Florida State University where he teaches career-centered courses in leadership for a range of disciplines. Ebe has a master's degree in computer science and an MBA from the University of Buffalo.


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Building a Sustainable Tech Community in the Panhandle

How do we keep young talent local (in North FL).  What strategies work in building a sustainable pipeline to bring a community solution for startups, established businesses and government?  What efforts work in community building and partnerships?  You cannot do it alone and the process requires looking at all approaches (and inviting all interested parties) to broadening their impact by creating partnerships between with businesses, workforce organizations, educational institutions, nonprofit groups, students (k-16) and community leaders.  The talk will explore our efforts over the last 5 years in building a university partnership to keep talent local, to showcase and support local tech businesses, and to create a community that attract young people.