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Christine York

Creative Director
Vivid Bridge Studios

In a nutshell, I keep a bottle of sunshine pretty handy. I balance a happy-go-lucky disposition with a serious dedication to my craft: bold, cinematic visuals.
As a video editor and motion designer, I skillfully craft emotional experiences that connect with audiences. Before co-founding Vivid Bridge Studios, I graduated from James Madison University's competitive School of Media Arts and Design (SMAD), and completed a second major in Communication Studies in 2010.
Two months after graduating, I began my new role as a video editor and producer at a Washington, DC-based video production company, and created wedding films and tutorials on the side. After working in DC for 5 years, I took a major leap to pursue my passion as a full-time freelancer, and relocated to beautiful Pensacola, FL. In 2017, I teamed up with 4 other incredible creatives to form Vivid Bridge Studios, Pensacola's commercial video production company. I serve my team as their Co-founder and Creative Director, and serve my community as an admin to the Emerald Coast Film Group. 
My vision is to spread compassion throughout my communities, both locally and nationally, by empowering people to share their stories. I'm a firm believer in an endless inner light that we all possess and can share freely.
When I'm not painting with key frames and crafting powerful narratives, you can find me swooning over (and sometimes doing) DIY Pinterest projects, making friends with animals, and embracing spontaneous adventures.

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Innovative, Creative Video Production