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Chris Tonn

Pelican Drones

Chris Tonn, CEO and founder of Pelican Drones, lead the panhandle industry in commercial aerial drone operations by becoming the first FAA approved commercial service provider in Northwest Florida in 2015. He quickly demonstrated the varied services that a drone could provide to many of the businesses in the area between New Orleans, LA to Tallahassee, FL. 

Chris initially began the startup company by providing aerial photos and videos. He quickly adapted and advanced the growth of the company by expanding the services that Pelican Drones offered. Today the services now include an array of ground videography and photography camera provisions, 360 imaging, industrial inspections, traffic and parking studies, 3-D mapping, construction progression shots, as well as drone sales and training. He created a one stop shop for current and potential clients! This was promptly and eagerly accepted by many of the businesses, which has led to a valued, repeat customer base.

Prior to moving to the panhandle, Chris already had a passion for technology and helping other businesses grow. Chris led corporate business development and new client systems for a private telecom organization. He also ventured in consumer automobile production and event promotion with T.C.S. Productions, that was later acquired by Motor Trend. This provided him with experience in resource allocation, an understanding of both domestic and international markets, and with operational and project management.

Chris Tonn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing Sales from the University of Memphis and a Department of Transportation UAS Remote Pilot license.


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