Summit Speakers

Carla Lewis


Carla Lewis is the Chief Information Officer for C Spire. With more than twenty years of IT experience, Carla is responsible for all aspects of software development including systems for sales/service, product delivery, and billing focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience;  all aspects of internal datacenter, database, network operations and support as well as commercial data center and cloud services; and all aspects of quality assurance. Under her leadership, C Spire has been named a top technology innovator by InformationWeek for three years in a row. This includes InformationWeek’s Elite 100 and was the top-ranked telecommunications provider in the U. S. on the list.
Carla Lewis is also a member of the board of directors for the Base Camp Coding Academy. Base Camp Coding Academy, based in Water Valley, Mississippi, is a charitable, non-profit vocational education training program that delivers fast-paced, focused computer programming to under-advantaged youth in Mississippi to support the technology needs of local and regional employers. The program’s primary objective is to help students pursue a career in computer science through an immersive classroom environment that features current, real-world technologies and projects.


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CIO Roundtable

A panel where CIO will discuss the issues that will affect their organization.  An opportunity for IT directors, IT managers, Technology service providers, Technology infrastructure providers to hear a frank and open discussion and gain insight into where this industry and market are headed in the near future.  The event will be presented in a panel format with 3 to 5 CIO’s.  The discussion will be guided by a moderator.  CIOs from the following industries have been invited; Military/training, Medical, manufacturing, banking, Gov,  education as well as a ‘Cloud Service” provider.  The panel will be presented with 3 or 4 CIO level issues/challenges.  Each will have an opportunity to discuss their views on how their respective organizations are approaching the issues.  This format will benefit the Gulf Coast IT industry in several ways; provides insight into the larger issues from local CIO’s,  leading industry CIOs can exchange ideas/approaches with their peers.  Industry managers, operators and technicians will hear the directions and concepts of where their CIOs would like to go and service providers and vendors will better understand the types and extent of the services that will be needed as the organizations mature and change to meet the future.  This is also a great opportunity for service providers and vendors to understand what skill sets, services and technology will be need in the future.   Given the current volatility in the economy this type of event offers the opportunity to understand where the market place is headed and what need to be done to remain competitive.