Summit Speakers

Anand Thaker

CEO & Founder

Anand Thaker is a 15-year veteran in marketing technology and growth strategy. His expertise includes sales enablement, marketing operations, data-analytics management, intelligent systems and deep knowledge in the energy and financial industries. He founded IntelliPhi to research, develop and improve human and digital decision making in an increasingly dynamic marketplace through the use of data and intelligent systems. He is also the co-collaborator of the Marketing Technology “Martech 5000” Landscape.

Previously, he founded NeoMarketing Solutions, a marketing operations consulting firm transforming and aligning high-growth sales and marketing teams. NeoMarketing was later acquired/absorbed in a private deal with a public business tech consulting firm. Also, he founded Analyze123, an intelligent Google analytics reporting solution, which was acquired in a private deal to a $1B+ startup.

His experience building and growing high-growth product startups and consulting firms in Marketing Technology to enterprise firms such as Siemens, Silverpop/IBM, Microsoft, Blackstone, Capgemini, GTRI,, Fidelity, NYSE, and eBay.

Anand also serves as a liaison and advisor to VCs, PEs, strategic investors, executives, and analysts on Marketing Technology. He also has a knack for identifying,cultivating, and advising rising sales and marketing leaders.

In addition to elevating the Atlanta startup ecosystem, Anand leads a reimagined mentor/advisor program at the ATL Tech Village, the largest technology hub in the Southeast. The mission is in developing support, education, and changing the social proof on mentor relationships for high-potential, high-growth entrepreneurs and innovators. 

Once upon a time, he was a helluva engineer. As a 25-year resident of Atlanta, Anand earned a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a MBA with a concentration in CIS from Georgia State University.


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Red or Blue Pill: Priming for AI / Big Data Powered Marketing

With AI & Big Data taking headlines across industries, how can go-to-market leaders begin to incorporate the potential advantages of this new wave of technology into their strategy? In this session, Anand will: 

  • Recap the Martech/SalesTech landscape and top takeaways from the state of Marketing Tech.
  • Discuss how investments in AI & Big Data are evolving the landscape
  • Share Do and Don'ts of evolving AI & Big Data into your go-to-market teams.
  • Provide some high-level strategies to begin your company's journey into AI Powered Marketing right away​